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Imageware to add Biometrics to Blockchain-Powered Self Sovereign Identity (SSI)

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Complimentary Guide

Imageware has been recognized in the 2020 Gartner Market Guide for User Authentication for the fifth time.

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Market Report

Imageware named an “Emerging Leader” in the Digital Identity Solutions Market

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Authenticator App

A new version of our biometric-first authenticator has been released in the Apple Store and Google Play Store

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Self Service Portal

Self-Service Portal

New Self-Service Portal enables customers to easily perform setup and configuration of Imageware Authenticate

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Open Integrations

Open Integrations

Strengthen your cybersecurity by integrating Imageware Authenticate into your applications or platforms with contactless biometrics within minutes

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Introducing Imageware Law Enforcement Solution 2.0

Leveraging Over 25 Years of Biometric Innovation

Imageware’s scalable Identity Platform delivers identity proofing, authentication, and lifecycle management cybersecurity solutions. The Identity Platform is constructed upon the award-winning, multi-patented Biometric Engine . The easily extensible architecture is quick to deploy and simple to scale. It supports nearly any combination of biometric matching, anti-spoofing, and quality assessment algorithms from virtually any vendor for 1:1, 1:N and N:N searches.

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The Future of Identity

With Imageware’s biometrically enabled self-sovereign identity (SSI), you own and control your blockchain-verified digital credentials.

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Imageware Enroll & Identify

Imageware Capture & Identify

Knowing the true identity of a person is critical. Using the power of biometrics, Imageware’s Capture & Identify can ID someone within seconds.

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Imageware Badge & Credential

Imageware Credential

Design, encode, and print highly secure, professional biometric smart cards and credentials with our simple, intuitive software.

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Imageware Proof

Imageware Proof

User identity is complex. Verify and authenticate the true identity of individuals.

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Easily Enable Cloud-Based Identity Transformation

For faster, accurate identification to better secure communities, data, and assets against costly ransomware attacks.

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