Beyond 2FA: Where Increasing Privacy Legislation is Forcing Finance

The most significant privacy law in the United States, CCPA, has triggered a wave of additional laws being passed in other states. We have already talked about the broad implications of CCPA in a previous webinar, and now we will focus on an industry that should be adopting improved authentication technologies much faster: Finance. 

While many modern enterprises are moving to multi-factor authentication and biometrics to secure sensitive data, most banks are just now implementing SMS-based 2FA! NIST has been recommending against this authentication modal for years, but until CCPA passed, few banks or credit unions felt compelled to update. The legislation puts pressure on businesses to have better protection against data breaches, and in the months and years to come, California will not be the only state to apply penalties.
David Harding CTO

Join us at 10 am PST on November 20, 2019, to hear David Harding, Chief Technology Officer of ImageWare Systems, discuss how banks can better protect themselves from cybercrime, data breaches, and penalizing legislation while also improving their user experience. We will cover the flaws in 2FA, and explore what makes it such a poor choice for secure authentication. 

Supporting David on the webinar will be Jennifer Greene, ImageWare’s Enterprise Marketing Manager. They will go through: 

  • What a nightmare CCPA is about to be for businesses managing large numbers of users 
  • How financial institutions can protect themselves from a landslide of fines and lawsuits in the aftermath of CCPA
  • How to evaluate your current access management for cybersecurity best practices

After the webinar, we will be answering questions from the audience. The presentation will be recorded and sent to all registrants once it is over.

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