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Imageware Biointellic Achieves Level 2 ISO Anti-Spoofing Compliance

The Company’s Biometric Liveness Detection Passed Testing with Zero Successful Spoofing Attempts

San Diego – August 31, 2021 – Imageware® (OTCQB: IWSY) (“Imageware” or “the Company”), a leader in biometric identification and authentication, announced that its Biointellic™ system has obtained Presentation Attack Detection (“PAD”) Level 1 and 2 compliance, also referred to as “anti-spoofing” as tested by iBeta, a NIST-certified independent testing agency.

Biointellic is a revolutionary zero-friction, anti-spoofing system designed to prevent intruders from breaching authentication systems. The intelligent presentation cyberattack detection solution is used in several Imageware offerings, including Imageware Authenticate, Imageware Proof, and the Imageware Identity Platform, as it provides passive PAD for face images using standard mobile phone cameras. In many instances of cyberattacks, criminals attempt to fake the image of a face of a person in order to gain access to sensitive data. In the Imageware Authenticate example, users can take a standard “selfie” portrait, and Biointellic will be able to verify whether a real person is taking a live photo or if a fraudulent spoofing attempt has occurred.

The rigorous Level 1 and 2 compliance testing conducted by iBeta included several advanced spoofing methods, including high-resolution pictures and videos, curved pictures with cut-out eyes, silicon masks, and mannequins. Imageware passed testing without allowing any successful spoofing attempts, making it only one of a few companies to have achieved this feat during the testing environment.

“Anti-spoofing technology is essential to thwarting fraudsters trying to hack into personal accounts with biometric fakes,” said AJ Naddell, Senior Vice President of Product Management & Sales for Imageware. “Reaching this milestone of passive anti-spoofing with PAD Level 2 certification will help more customers who are interested in securing their enterprise with biometric authentication and identification. Vital applications include employee login, mobile banking, money transfers, real estate rental and mortgage applications, hospital visitors and patients, and more. There is always a balance between security and ease of use for an end-user; we embed passive anti-spoofing as the ‘Friction-Right’ solution, acknowledging that users want solutions that are simultaneously safe and easy.”

Compared to active anti-spoofing, passive requires no additional action from the user. Most current solutions in the market are considered “active,” requiring users to respond to challenges that add time and effort to the process. Imageware is one of just a handful of vendors that have achieved Level 1 and Level 2 PAD certification with a passive solution.

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