ForgeRock, Partners

Imageware + ForgeRock = Successful Trust Network

ForgeRock®, the leading platform provider of digital identity management solutions, recently announced a major milestone in advancing its technology partner ecosystem, in welcoming 54 partners to its ForgeRock Trust Network. The Trust Network was created to unify ForgeRock’s extensive community of technology partners for customers to seamlessly integrate complementary technologies and realize the highest value from their ForgeRock Identity investments.

The program has gained solid traction across the technology spectrum, with special interest from strong authentication, risk and fraud management, identity proofing and identity enrichment vendors.

ImageWare® Systems is a Principal Partner in the program, which is the top designation. ImageWare provides a seamless integration between GoVerifyID® and the ForgeRock Identity Platform, and the integration has been designated as ForgeRock Verified by ForgeRock.

This integration enables ForgeRock customers to very easily add ImageWare’s Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and biometric multi-modal authentication to their ForgeRock systems.

Users can simply take a selfie, speak a phrase, swipe their finger, or show their palm to provide the ultimate in user assurance and convenience. Organizations can also elect to use phone-as-a-token (i.e. secure push notification) with a simple Yes/No or a PIN, as a simple two- factor authentication method.

Jim Miller, Chairman and CEO of ImageWare Systems, Inc. said, “We congratulate ForgeRock for their leading customer-focused IAM solution, and now for their successful partner ecosystem, the ForgeRock Trust Network. The scalability and flexibility of the ForgeRock Identity Platform complement the scalability and flexibility of ImageWare’s GoVerifyID 2FA, MFA, and biometric authentication solution, enabling successful large-scale deployments that truly validate the users’ identity.”

Read the ForgeRock Press Release.