Biometrics, contactless

Integrating Contactless Biometrics to Secure Your Enterprise Environment

Does your organization need to integrate MFA into essential business applications? 

Join us to see how easy it could be to offer biometric MFA in the cloud!

If you’re using cloud-based enterprise tools such as Google Suite or Slack to help improve collaboration, you also need to secure access to those tools and other business systems.

That’s where GoVerifyID Workforce comes in.

We’ve already shown you how easy it is to install GoVerifyID for your IT team. Now see what it’s like to use GoVerifyID in a real production environment!

This webinar will review the cybersecurity pressures that make MFA necessary, as well as how to use our contactless solution in a myriad of situations. Chris Dickson, VP of Sales, will review the use cases and where we could fit into your workflow. Dave Duncan, Sr. Product Manager, will show us the integrations, how they work, and the security underlying it all.