Biometrics, GoVerifyID

Jim Miller, Imageware CEO, discusses Mobile Biometric Authentication with ImageWare Authenticate – Security Guy Radio

Biometric user authentication made easy.

Now your entire organization can enable biometric user authentication in a matter of minutes.

Why use passwords or PINs when you can use something that simply cannot be stolen—the faces, voices, and fingerprints of your employees. Biometrics are the ultimate in security. And Imageware’s Imageware Authenticate is the ultimate in biometric user authentication.

  • Personal. Accurate. Anonymous.
  • Adaptable policies.
  • Devices can be hacked or stolen.
  • Your biometric identity is yours alone.
  • You become the password.

Advanced anti-spoofing.
Our sophisticated algorithms ensure actual biometrics are being used, not a picture or recording.

Multi-factor authentication.
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) requires something you know (PIN/password) something you have (your phone) and something you are (your face, voice, or fingerprint).

Anonymous authentication.
We respect user privacy. Biometrics are matched against “templates” with no personal info attached. We hold multiple anonymous biometric identity management patents.