Law Enforcement Software – Everything You Need to Know!

Working in law enforcement is getting more dangerous by the day. Enforcing laws, managing safety and public order, and strengthening security are challenging tasks that members handle daily. With international crime on the rise, officers can definitely use a helping hand. Software tools can be that helping hand, aiding officers with identifying individuals and accessing criminal records in no time.

The demand for law enforcement software is growing: 

  • During the forecast period of 2021–2025, the global law enforcement software market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.58 %, reaching $929.48 million
  • Due to technological developments and better agility and scalability afforded by the Software-as-a-Service approach, Cloud-based solutions are projected to gain traction and see strong demand in the coming years
  • The adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) for public safety and smart city projects are projected to be important growth drivers for the law enforcement software industry

What Is Law Enforcement Software?

Law enforcement software aids police and policymakers by automating activities such as report writing, casework, and police dispatching. Additionally, this agreements enable agencies to manage critical data for analysis, such as crime databases and records – and they can access that data at any time and from any location using innovative software. This software enables officers to work collaboratively while streamlining operations and processes.


Features of Law Enforcement Software

The prime objective of this software is to improve task efficiency. There are several features that can help authorities improve efficiency in their investigations, such as:

Case Management

Case Management allows personnel to establish workflows that track and handle cases from the beginning to the end of an investigation. Software tools make it simple to maintain case records, such as disposition, court status, criminal charges, and photographs, all in a single place that can be viewed from any device at any time.

Incident Mapping

Incident Mapping allows to easily map and track the locations of crimes and incidents. Officials can use this feature to guide public safety personnel, allocate resources, and model risk management.

Dispatch Management

Dispatch Management helps record and prioritize incident calls, dispatch responder personnel, determine the position and status of responders, and expedite the appropriate resources to an incident site. This feature helps ensure the right resources are allocated to the right place at the right time.

Evidence Management

Evidence Management helps authorities with gathering, documenting, and securing evidence. Evidence management preserves this information on a consolidated platform that investigators and officers can access and share across various databases.

3 Benefits of Law Enforcement Software

This software assists agencies in their efforts to keep their communities safe from crime. Investing in high-quality software has numerous advantages, including:

  • Streamlined Data Processing

Streamlined data collection and analysis processes are among the major benefits of using this software. Leveraging this software, officers can manage large amounts of data in a single, secure environment.

For greater collaboration and decision making, agencies can easily share information and resources with each other or other departments. With all data centralized in one place, it becomes easier for professionals to successfully manage investigations and operations with less risk of error.

  • Repository Management

This software helps create a database of information from previous and ongoing investigations. To aid in new cases and help solve old investigations, and agents can easily access information from a centralized database.

The database can hold a variety of information, including family records, case evidence, criminal histories, fingerprints and digital identity. When information is available at a glance, officers are also more likely to notice patterns and trends which can help them solve previous crimes and better forecast possible future criminal activities.

  • Cuts Costs

This software can help reduce costs because it’s typically easy to use and doesn’t require different officials to handle different processes. The streamlined workflows save man hours across the board. Teams can be trained quickly and up-to-speed in no time. Additionally, the software does not require regular maintenance checks, which can oftentimes be costly.

How to Select the Right Law Enforcement Software

Picking the ideal solution can be tricky. Though you need to consider your particular business requirements and goals, here are the most important features you need to consider when choosing a software solution:

  • Security

Confidentiality is always a significant priority for agencies. In addition to the data and evidence collected and stored, investigations generate large amounts of data that must be managed and stored securely while keeping it accessible. Security of this sensitive data should be of utmost concern when selecting a  software solution.

  • Collaboration

Technological advancements have made collaborations—such as those among officers working on an investigation—easy. However, technology has also made it simpler for information to get compromised, preventing accurate, vital data from being shared. In order to break down barriers and bring your agency together, you must have the right software.

  • Availability

Any approved device—desktop, laptop, or mobile—should be able to securely access software at all times. A Cloud-based solution allows you to securely access case folders and investigative information from anywhere, ensuring that the investigation doesn’t end when you leave the squad room.

Imageware Law Enforcement Solutions

Imagware’s Law Enforcement products reduce booking times with completely automated capture and improve officer safety with a versatile platform that can be used in the station or out in the field. With Imageware solutions, you can

  • Quickly identify suspects
  • Capture biometrics on any device