Overcoming Identity Theft Risk without Sacrificing Convenience

By Rebekah Folsom

Your friend posts on Facebook that their identity was stolen and their accounts emptied. CNN starts their hourly report detailing the most recent retailer (or hospital, or bank) whose customer’s personal and/or financial data was hacked. At work, you have to change your passwords more frequently. Your bank increased the complexity of their online banking process. Time’s lead tech story is on the fragility of passwords.

You know you are at risk; we are all aware of the risks, just as each business knows that they are at risk.

So why hasn’t this been solved? What is stopping you from increasing your own protection? Why aren’t businesses changing the way they store at-risk data? Why don’t we stop shopping online? Why do we keep putting our finances and personal data out there when we know there are widespread, malicious attempts to commit fraud and theft by hackers with no scruples?

We all know the answer: We want the convenience. We want to use our debit card anywhere we like. We want to use our phone to pay bills, buy shoes, and track our personal data. We don’t want to store paper records or pay with checks or bank in person. In short, we want to be able to move freely, pay freely, and risk nothing. Like the flu, data hacking, identity theft, and identity fraud seem to be matters of chance – keep up your habits for the sake of convenience until you get sick, and even if you do, eventually you’ll recover.

But the risks to users and to businesses are high and increasing. Hackers evolve their sophistication even as businesses launch ever-increasing security measures to protect themselves. And businesses feel stymied: their customers – we – don’t want to lose any of those conveniences we’ve come to associate with the status quo. How can a business provide behind-the-scenes security without impacting the assumed ease with which their customers do business? How can we ensure that our accounts are accessed only by ourselves?

ImageWare®’s GoVerifyID® provides a simple, elegant solution. It’s convenient, secure, and inimitable. It doesn’t require constant maintenance to ensure that it is hack-proof, because each customer possesses one unique, virtually un-hack able item: themselves.

GoVerifyID is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) function that uses patented biometric encryption to capture and enroll each customer’s unique biometrics (such as a face map, voice print, and fingerprint). Your biometrics are securely encrypted, anonymously stored in the cloud, and retrieved for real-time user verification.

GoVerifyID is fast and convenient. It provides a way for businesses, hospitals, banks, and other entities to quickly confirm a user’s identity with confidence. Enrolled users’ biometric data are never tied to any Personal Identification Information (PII) and using GoVerifyID to access secured data is as simple as taking a self-portrait or speaking a passphrase on your mobile device in place of entering a traditional password.

Each business determines which event triggers a request for biometric verification. These requests are sent to the user’s mobile device, either through a stand-alone app or as part of the user’s online experience with that business.  Users then capture requested biometrics for comparison through GoVerifyID against their enrolled data, providing instant, anonymous, secured verification in real-time. It’s simple, elegant, and reliable. A convenient answer to an inconvenient problem.