The Award-Winning, Multi-Patented Biometric Engine®

The Imageware Biometric Engine is a scalable, agnostic, multi-modal biometric technology platform for identity management, ensuring only valid individuals gain access to controlled areas or obtain secure documents.

Using one or more biometric technology factors the Biometric Engine conducts 1:1 biometric searches to verify an individual’s identity, 1:N searches to identify an individual within a population, and X:N investigative searches against watch lists and black lists. It is agnostic in biometric algorithm and hardware, supporting the largest number of algorithms and devices on the market.


Easy to Integrate

The flexible architecture allows developers to quickly add new peripherals and biometrics without rebuilding their applications, leveraging industry standards such as BIOAPI, EBTS, XML, JSON, and ODBC.

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Imageware Biometric Engine

Scalable and Redundant

The Biometric Engine was designed to manage populations of any size. Search speed and capacity increase by simply adding COTS hardware.

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Protect Your Organization's Assets with Biometrics

Imageware has been developing proven solutions for secure identities since 1997. We developed the Biometric Engine to enable agencies and private enterprises to verify identities quickly, easily, and efficiently.

  • The Biometric Engine provides proof of identity across large-scale populations.
  • Our solutions can be integrated into a variety of applications and industries.
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