Introducing Imageware’s Blockchain-Based Biometric Self-Sovereign Identity Solution

With Imageware Digital ID, users upload, manage, and interact with their data through their Imageware digital wallet.

Imageware Digital ID

Easy-to-Use Digital Identity

Imageware Digital ID provides access to your identity, credentials, and other documents from any device:

  • Store and access personal data in an easy-to-use digital wallet
  • Cloud-stored data can be recovered from any biometrics-controlled device
  • Biometrics secure data from being stolen
  • Share only the information needed and only with those who need it
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Imageware Digital ID

Blockchain-Based Credentials

Imageware Digital ID provides blockchain-based peer-to-peer credentials and tokens within the world wide web consortium (W3C) digital credential standard.

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Imageware Digital ID

Secure Your Personal Data

Remove your data from large, vulnerable centralized systems, eliminate the risk of large-scale breeches, and keep your data safe, secure, and accessible.

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What Sets Imageware Digital ID Apart?

Imageware’s SSI solution combines the security of biometric identification and the certainty of blockchain-issued credentials with the ease-of-use of digital wallets. Quickly set up your secure digital wallet with our easy-to-follow on-screen workflow.

By leveraging our award-winning biometric and anti-spoofing technologies, Imageware Digital ID ensures that only the right people access the right resources and prevents attackers from accessing systems and data through nefarious means. By adding our biometric MFA, we can prevent stolen credentials and phished information from being used to fraudulently impersonate individuals or access company or government systems.

Growing Threat

Brute force is one of the most common forms of password attacks and is a growing trend, with a 400% increase since March and April of 2020.

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