Knowing Who a Person is Can Save Lives

Working in law enforcement today is more dangerous than ever. The difference between life and death may be as simple as knowing who an officer is dealing with. Using Imageware’s Capture & Identify solutions, individuals can be ID’d in the field within seconds using multimodal biometrics. By employing biometric fusion, reduce false positives and improve accuracy.

Leveraging an integrated mobile solution in the field, officers can easily capture and identify individuals virtually anywhere. Search on data in state AFIS, jail management systems, records management systems, and the FBI from a handheld ruggedized tablet. The high resolution images and robust equipment maximizes the return on investment of taxpayer funds.


Quickly Capture Biometrics on any Device in the Station or in the Field

Trusted by agencies for over 20 years, Imageware Capture is quick, intuitive, and supports nearly all biometrics and collection devices.

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Quickly ID Suspects

Easily identify a person with their biometrics and/or biographic information, accessing their entire criminal history, in seconds.

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Governments Are Not Immune to Cybercrime

According to the GAO, in 2017 alone, federal agencies reported 35,277 cyber incidents.


Fast, Accurate Biometric Identity Management

Imagware’s Law Enforcement products reduce booking time with fully automated capture and increase officer safety with flexible platform support for office or field use.

  • Register biometrics during routine traffic stops
  • Quickly identify individuals at protests, concerts, fairs, and field interviews
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