Identity Assurance Should be Simple

Your employees, customers, and the businesses you work with are your brand and they represent you and drive your business every day.

Automating onboarding using AI to verify identities saves time and money, while protecting your business from illegal activities.

The user experience is everything, so Imageware offers a solution to verify individuals and their data with an easy, automated proofing solution:

  • Users can verify documents from anywhere using devices they already own
  • Ensure the authenticity of over 4,100 identity credentials from over 200 countries and financial documents with confidence

Identity Assurance

  • With flexible APIs, and OIDC and SAML compliance, Imageware Proof is easy to integrate into existing workflows, applications, and other onboarding processes
  • Our simple-to-use administrative portal allows your admins to manually review enrollments, view stats, and generate reports.
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Imageware Proof: Know Your Customer

Easy omnichannel biometric identity verification in the Cloud. Validate government-issued IDs, capture biometrics, and verify personal information with credit agencies.

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Imageware Proof: Business Value

Imageware Proof: Business Value

Ensure KYC and AML compliance, automate the customer onboarding process, reduce the risk of fraudulent accounts, and eliminate manual document inspection.

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Automated Identity Proofing

Validate Document

Imageware Proof checks against more than 4,100 document types from over 200 countries to verify the type of identity document is valid.

Verify Barcode

Imageware Proof checks verifies:

  • The barcode image is readable and properly formatted
  • The full name on the front matches the barcode
  • The control numbers on the front match the barcode and are valid
  • Birthdate on front matches barcode and is valid
  • Issue date on front matches barcode and is valid
  • Expiration date on front matches barcode and isn’t expired
  • Gender on front matches barcode
Security Features

Imageware Proof reviews the submitted identity document to verify:

  • Multiple visible security features are present and correct for the submitted identity document type
  • The security features are accurate and valid

Data Breaches are Costly!

The average cost to businesses is $4.8M per data breach. This is an increase of nearly $1M per breach in just the past three years, making this a costly risk.


Quick to Deploy, Easy to Use

VoiceImageware Proof offers significant benefits:

  • Single or bulk onboarding with your application or ours
  • KBA in less than one minute
  • Scan driver’s licenses, passports, state and national IDs
  • Configurable for nearly any type of ID card and geo-fencing for comparing addresses
  • Supports multiple biometrics (face, voice, palm, fingerprint, etc.)
  • Match fingerprints to government sources and selfies to ID card images
  • Interface to any verification service, including 1000+ government ID formats, 100+ identity verification bureaus, and knowledge based verification (KBV)
  • Digital vault for uploading documents, electronic signatures, digital contracting, federated identity, and identity ecosystems

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