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Access Management

Why You Need Comprehensive Access Management

The widespread use of technology has led to an equal rise in cybercrime. In recent years, big names like Facebook, Yahoo!, and Equifax have suffered significant breaches, costing millions and jeopardizing the data privacy of their customers. In the wake of these breaches, access management has become a critical part of the cybersecurity infrastructure, combining technology and best practices to keep cybercriminals at bay. As Microsoft’s chief information security officer Bret Arsenault states, “Hackers don’t break-in, they log in.”

Integrating robust access management into your systems allows you to track and control access to your networks and data, preventing catastrophic consequences to your company data and assets. Whether your access management needs are physical or logical, we have a solution to fit your requirements.

Using the certainty that only biometric identification can provide, we authenticate individuals before you let them in. With the award-winning Biometric Engine and our Imageware Credential solution, interfacing to third-party access control systems, you can secure any restricted area or complete buildings to only authorized individuals. If your needs are of the data variety, our simple to use, quick to deploy, Imageware Authenticate can prevent authorized users from accessing your systems and data.

Secure Your Facilities and Your Data

Government agencies and private enterprises in every industry need both secure areas within their facilities as well as strong security for their systems and data. Imageware offers biometrically enabled identity verification and authentication solutions for every application. Whether it’s something as large as a country’s border or as small as a server room, whether you host millions of accounts or only your own data, your security solution doesn’t need to be complicated — just effective.

Access management

By seamlessly integrating with third-party access control solutions, Imageware brings the certainty to identity that only biometrics can offer to physical and logical access security. Using biometrically encoded smart cards, or live cameras, facilities can provide robust security without creating a bottleneck. Imageware Authenticate takes this same approach to securing your data with identity proofing and authentication before someone can log into your systems.

Access management

How Access Management Works

Access management (AM) is the practice of creating, identifying, authenticating, and managing digital identities. It provides different levels of authorization to these identities, controlling and limiting their access to certain facilities or systems, as well as the ability to perform certain actions based on set policies. This is a cornerstone of security: ensuring individuals have the access they need while protecting locations, systems, data, and applications for access by unauthorized individuals.

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One Concept, Many Applications

Access management can be applied to a seemingly endless number of use cases, including:

  • Safeguarding hotel rooms to ensure only registered guests have access to their own rooms and hotel amenities
  • Streamlining passenger flows in terminals with automatic gates, without sacrificing safety and security
  • Securing your facilities while allowing after-hours access to authorized employees
  • Protecting your online identity from theft by ensuring only you have access to your private data
  • Preventing threats posed by stolen credentials and secure your valuable financial and data systems from hackers and ransomware attacks
  • Providing simple, yet secure access to your systems for contractors and partners as well as remote employees with an ever-increasing dispersed workforce
  • Securing critical infrastructures from growing and unpredictable threats by ensuring only authorized staff have access to secure facilities, areas, and data systems
  • Protecting valuable medications and access to patient information in hospitals and doctors’ offices
  • Ensuring only qualified applicants can access public benefits programs to fight back against fraud

Discover the First Ever Zero Trust Biometric Solution

Imageware and Safe-T have created an industry-first zero-trust network access (ZTNA) solution that combines biometric authentication with zero trust principles.

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Solutions for both physical and logical access control for:

  • Federal governments
  • State and local governments
  • Enterprise customers
  • Individuals