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Airport and Seaport Biometric Credentialing, Authentication, and Access

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A Complex, Interconnected World Needs Simple, Robust Security

Now, more than ever, our ports need the highest security available. Every year, the world’s 14,000+ airports manage nearly 75 million flights, carrying nearly 6 billion passengers and more than 91 million tons of cargo. Add to this the 55,000 merchant ships carrying eight billion tons of cargo and more than ten thousand ports of call weekly across a network of 960 ports worldwide and there are countless opportunities for a security breach. These critical transportation hubs employ millions of workers with millions more legally accessing secure areas at these locations, including contractors, visitors, crew members, truck drivers, and delivery staff. Identifying and vetting authorized individuals while simultaneously controlling their access within these vital facilities is the only way to ensure secure, efficient, and reliable global trade.

That’s a tall order.

Global economic stability relies on an efficient, cost effective, and secure transportation infrastructure that safeguards people and property while also providing for the free flow of trade. As security mechanisms become more sophisticated, so do the criminals attempting to breach them. While the problem may be complex and constantly evolving, it still comes down to a simple concept: permitting secure infrastructure access to only authorized individuals. In other words — identity. Who you are is the only constant in this equation. And verifying an individual’s identity is the most effective way to secure any port facility.

Imageware’s proven biometric identity management solutions were developed specifically for providing identity with the certainty that only biometrics can offer.

Security Solutions for the World’s Ports

From biometric identity vetting and verification to secure credentials and interfaces to secure access systems, Imageware offers broad solutions to port authorities to secure their spaces.

Our award-winning Biometric Engine® offers a vendor-neutral approach to biometric identity management, supporting nearly any third-party vendor’s hardware and algorithms, offering the most options to our customers. Hardware from one vendor can be matched with algorithms from another to provide the exact biometric data collection and matching solution desired.

Imageware Credential is at the core of some of the most secure smartcard systems in the world, from transportation worker cards, to visas and passports, Agencies use Imageware Credential to design, print, and encode smartcards and other identity documentation with the latest security technology available.

Our Inter-connect Framework allows us to easily integrate with nearly any third-party access control solution as well as other systems, to offer our customers seamless end-to-end solutions for powerful protection with biometric certainty.

Professional Card Designs

The Market's Most Robust Photo ID Badge Software

Imageware's credentialing solution enables users to design, print, and encode highly secure, professional ID badges and credentials, from corporate badges to complex drivers' licenses.

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Imageware is Committed to Port Safety

Because a nation’s security starts at their borders and ports, Imageware is committed to providing progressive, universal technology solutions to help countries strengthen port security and meet ever-evolving government security requirements.

Which is why we develop ID solutions that provide comprehensive, easy-to-use applications to create and design tamper proof photo-identification and access control credentials. By combining Imageware’s ground-breaking experience in identity management with secure credentials, customers can:

  • Track employee data
  • Conduct background investigations
  • Read and encode magnetic stripes, proximity cards, and smartcards with biometric information
  • Create ID cards quickly and securely
  • Quickly verify the identity of the credential holder via biometrics
  • Interface to access control systems for seamless and fluid movement into secure areas by authorized personnel

Biometric Credentialing, Authentication, and Access

The ability to accurately identify individuals is mission-critical to our borders, information systems, personal identities, and more.

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