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Imageware Credentialing

Smart Identity Management with Biometric Smart Cards

Imageware’s smart card solutions help countries strengthen their border and port security, license their drivers, and meet ever-evolving security requirements. Our smart card and credentialing products offer customers ID solutions with comprehensive, yet easy-to-use applications for creating tamper-resistant photo identification and access control credentials that can be encoded with biometric information.

The suite of Imageware Credential products were developed specifically for high-end secure credential applications, including passports, drivers’ licenses, national IDs, voter registration systems, ICAO-compliant travel documents, and other secure document programs. The open architecture allows developers to easily incorporate any ID functionality into applications while responding to shifting market demands, customer requirements, and government regulations. These products include the ability to interchange biometrics and devices without having to recode the entire application.

Imageware Credential has been an integral part of many large-scale ID demployments, such as machine-readable passports, national IDs, voter registration systems, and AAMVA-compliant drivers’ licenses.

Design, Build, and Deliver Biometric Smart Card Solutions

Our credentialing SDK and tools enable customers to quickly respond to rapidly shifting market requirements, The open architecture allows developers to quickly plug in new cameras, biometric devices, printers, bar codes, databases, and encoders without having to recode the core application. In fact, biometric devices from different vendors can be substituted for one another or the type of biometric can be changed altogether (i.e. swap fingerprint for face). The SDK includes familiar tools and easy-to-use components to implement ID solutions, improving time-to-market by reducing learning curves and development cycles.

The SDK allows developers to integrate ID badging into their software applications. In addition to the ability to design and print professional ID cards, the SDK provides advanced graphics capabilities, including the ability to resize, crop, and enhance digital images. Imageware’s Credential Builder SDK includes capabilities for biometric integration, web enabling, a powerful plug-in architecture, and professional-level card and document design, giving developers tools to quickly and easily integrate ID badging into travel documents, access control, time and attendance, point of sale, and human resource applications, among others. Unique features include the ability to incorporate covert state-of-the-art security features into the card holder’s photo, including holograms that can only be seen with black light and text encryption.

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Multi-Modal Biometric Drivers’ Licenses

Imageware provided our credentialing solution to the State of Baja California in Mexico through prime contractor, Funciones Ocupacionales Insha, S.A. de C.V.

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HSPD-12 Smart Cards

The events of September 11, 2001 forever changed identity management across the globe. In response, US President Bush signed HomeLand Security Presidential Directive 12 to implement smart card solutions at federal government installations.

Teaming up with our partners in the industry, we developed a new system that extended identity management beyond traditional IT such as applications, operating systems, and networks to link physical identity with biometrics, smart card and badge-reader technologies, and access control systems.

This solution allows agencies and businesses to simultaneously protect their logical assets – data, applications and IT networks – with their physical assets such as buildings, workplaces and grounds. Features and benefits include:

  • A complete Personal Identification Verification (PIV) solution in compliance with NIST Federal Information Processing 201 (FIPS-201) requirements of HSPD-12
  • End-to-end support for PIV-I and PIV-II business processes, technical requirements, and the ability to partner with leading physical and logical access control vendors for logistics and deployment
  • A well-established credentialing product suite with full featured card management and card printing modules
  • Easily and efficiently deploy and transition your existing identity management and credentialing systems to a full PIV solution
  • A complete and interoperable solution with features and functions required throughout the PIV lifecycle, enabling users to use any desired options, such as identity proofing and enrollment, card issuance, maintenance, and access control
  • Improves the integrity and authenticity of access control to facilities and information systems
  • PIV cards provide enhanced security, increased government efficiency, reduced identity fraud, and protect personal privacy

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

See how the VA uses Imageware’s solutions for an agencywide biometric identity management system.

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Solutions to help you:

  • Design, issue, and manage tamper resistant photo identification and access control badges
  • Track employee data and background investigations
  • Read and encode magnetic stripes, proximity cards, and smart cards with biometric information
  • incorporate sophisticated identification solutions into applications