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Future of Identity

Protect Your Data, Assets, and Networks

With global ransomware costs predicted to reach $20 billion this year, it’s more important than ever to focus on cybersecurity. No industry or individual is safe. With nearly 465,000 unfilled cyber jobs across the U.S. alone, businesses need a fresh approach to protecting their data and systems.


2FA is Not Enough

Most 2FA can be hacked, and hardware tokens can be lost or stolen. Biometrics can’t be forgotten or changed maliciously, can’t be stolen or guessed via social media information, and hackers can’t just crack them the way they can with passwords. The future of cybersecurity is biometric MFA.


The Future of Cybersecurity

Provide extra protection and added convenience over passwords with biometrically secure systems and data. Facial recognition, fingerprint and palm scans, and voiceprints are fast and far more secure than passwords, making life easier for users. Better authentication speeds physical entry to secured areas, the sharing of healthcare and other sensitive data, and e-commerce and banking transactions while protecting networks from malicious hackers and reducing the likelihood of fraud.

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Imageware Is A Leader In Biometric Cybersecurity

An early pioneer in the biometric space, Imageware was one of the first to install facial recognition in U.S. law enforcement in Los Angeles in the late 1990s. Today, Imageware holds 28 patents worldwide, with 14 pending, around biometric technology backed by a dedicated U.S. R&D facility. Imageware was the very first multimodal biometric solution provider. The open architecture and flexible nature of our solutions make it simple to seamlessly add biometrics to existing workflows for added security without disruption. 

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Solutions for both physical and logical cybersecurity for:

  • Secure physical locations like government offices, concert venues, airports, etc.
  • Private personal information from healthcare data to insurance information
  • Secure transactions for banking and ecommerce
  • Digitally proof the identity of your employees, tenants, etc.