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Biometric Credentialing, Authentication, and Access in Education

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Biometric Solutions for Educational Institutions

From preschool to K-12, community college to graduate school, in-person or online, Imageware offers solutions to help you secure your workforce, volunteers, students, facilities, data, and systems.

Threats come in all shapes and sizes and from every direction these days. From hacking, to predators walking among your staff, educational institutions are under attack more than ever. Some recent headlines include:

  • Preschool Teacher Among 14 Accused Predators Arrested During Child Sex Sting in Stark County
  • Local School Volunteer Arrested on Suspicion of Lewd Acts with a Child
  • Valley Center Elementary School Teacher Arrested for Alleged Sex Crimes
  • University of California Part of Nationwide Cyber Attack
  • Data Breach at Syracuse University Leaves Almost 10,000 Names, SSNs Exposed
  • How One Woman’s Stolen Identity Exposed a System of Exam Fraud
  • Credential Theft on the Rise, in Part Due to Remote Work
  • Woman Charged after Child is Abducted from School

While these threats seem daunting, Imageware has solutions to help you fight all of them and more.

Full Solutions for Your Biggest Concerns

Our biometric multi-factor identity management solutions provide proven identity vetting, robust background investigations, complex credentials, and authentication for both physical and logical access to your data, products, services, and facilities.

Imageware offers more then ten different biometrics to choose from, allowing you to combine different modalities from different vendors, including face, finger, voice, iris, palm, and more. Our one-of-a-kind, patented Biometric Engine and biometric fusion can combine results from multiple biometrics to exponentially increase accuracy. With modernized Cloud-based, hybrid-Cloud, and on-premises options, we can deliver exactly the solution you need to meet your unique performance, security, and budgetary requirements. We offer custom solutions at a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) price, something other vendors cannot match.

facial recognition

Verify the Student AND their Data with Automated Proofing

Ensure authenticity of student identity credentials and financial documents against issuing authorities and credit bureaus, simply and quickly, without the need for any special equipment.

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biometric fingerprint

Authenticate Teachers, Students, Staff, and Volunteers with Biometric Certainty

Protect your systems and data with biometric-based Imageware Authenticate. Ensure an individual is who they say they are before granting them access.

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What Sets Imageware Apart

Imageware has many competitors, but we bring unique solutions to identity and security threats, including:

  • Verify a person’s identity in seconds, not minutes
  • Biometric fusion technology that increases the accuracy of identity management by fusing the results of multiple biometrics
  • Biointellic liveness detection for anti-spoofing
  • A pioneer in the industry, having developed and delivered the first automated biometric capture system
  • A modern architecture supporting Cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid-Cloud deployment, offering options to meet your IT requirements without threatening your budget
  • A hardware agnostic approach, meaning you can choose hardware from any device and algorithm vendor, including hardware from one vendor and an algorithm from another
  • Orchestration, allowing immediate activation of credentials, access, and other services once an identity is verified

Quickly authenticate individuals with unique features, including:

  • Multimodal biometric authentication for the highest accuracy
  • Biometrics in the Cloud, offering mobility across all devices
  • Passive anti-spoofing to prevent fraud
  • Integrated ID proofing for confidence in the identities you’re authenticating

End-to-End Biometric Identity Management

See how we can employ our solutions to help secure your staff, volunteers, and students.

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Find out how Imageware solutions can help your educational institution:

  • Protect students by knowing exactly who is interacting with them, from teachers, to parent volunteers, to custodial and non-custodial parent pick-ups
  • Badge your staff and volunteers so only authorized individuals are allowed on your campus
  • Secure your systems, data, and assets by authenticating remote access to online classrooms, grades, resources, and sensitive information