Secure Remote Access Through COVID-19 and Beyond

Is the new remote workforce putting your business at risk?

Recent statistics show that yes, a remote workforce is a significant potential risk for your organization. The FBI reported that cybercrime has spiked 400% since COVID-19 reached the US in January of this year.

When organizations worked primarily in a central, physical location, it was easier to manage security – your network perimeter was essentially your office building. Now, however, with most companies operating with as many employees working from home as possible, cybersecurity practices have needed to adapt. Most organizations focused first on getting employees working, and the lack of attention to security and training has left many companies exposed. Phishing attempts, data breaches, ransomware, and more are all common security threats that are even more challenging to face now that employees are working from their home networks.

It is vital to secure remote access for your business.

ImageWare® Multimodal Biometric Authentication leader and CTO, David Harding meets with Cybersecurity Analyst and author, Richard Stiennon for this on-demand webinar. They will deep-dive on current threats surfacing during work from home mandates, and the necessity of securing your perimeter through identity.

Richard reviews the threats companies are facing, as well as how many of the vendors and organizations he has worked with are handling the shift. David provides contextual insights into leveraging simple, precise authentication methods that accurately identify users. There is a modern way to secure remote access, not just to a user profile or email account, but to significant business actions such as wire transfers: biometric authentication.

This on-demand webinar is less than 30 minutes, and will walk you through the current threats to be aware of, as well as how to combat them. To register, please enter your information below: