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Booking and Identification
Identity Verification and Proofing

The Imageware Solution

  • Biometric Multifactor Authentication for both physical and logical access to your data, products, services, and facilities
  • Multimodal biometrics with more than 10 biometrics (ex: finger, face, voice, iris, palm, etc.)
  • One-of-a-kind, patented Biometric Engine (database) and biometric fusion (meld multiple biometrics for increased accuracy of results)
  • Modernized Cloud-based, Hybrid-Cloud, and On-Premises platform architecture options
  • Anti-spoofing and liveness detection (to prevent false identities)
  • Large scale, biometric identity programs


airport and seaport

Airports and Seaports

From conducting background checks, to credentialing authorized workers, to controlling access to secure areas, Imageware has a solution to secure your ports of entry.

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Airport and Seaport


Whether you need background checks on employees or volunteers, secure credentials for staff, or to secure access to your data systems, Imageware provides robust solutions for educational systems from preschool through college.

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Protect your ticket sales, physical venues, and even your streaming services from being shared with proven biometric identity management and authentication solutions from Imageware.

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Financial institutions are under threat from attacks like never before. Secure your most valuable assets — your data — before a breach happens.

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Imageware has been helping governments with identity management solutions for nearly 30 years. Find out why these agencies trust Imageware.

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People are more aware than ever of the risks of their personal information being stolen. Protecting their data is protecting your practice. Find out how we can help.

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Law Enforcement

Capture biometrics and Identify people by using the unique characteristics of the human body

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Retail and eCommerce

With shopping becoming increasingly digital across all industries, it's important to ensure that only you can make purchases from your accounts. Secure your online shopping accounts with Imageware Authenticate.

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Real Estate

Know who you’re renting to before they move in. With Imageware Proof, you can quickly and easily run background checks and verify the identities of your potential renters before you hand them the keys.

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Validate hundreds of documents worldwide to proof the identity of subscribers by comparing captured biometrics against document images without introducing friction. Additional features include SIM provisioning and biometric authentication for subscriber access.

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  • Preeminent patent holder of multimodal IP, with many of the most-cited patents in the industry,with 25 patents issued and another 15 pending
  • Over 30 years of experience with hundreds of government agencies and organizations globally, including the DoD, U.S. Army, U.S.Navy, FBI, CIA, international TSA, VA, and more
  • Millions of identities currently under management by Imageware solutions