The Future of Identity

The concept of identity has dramatically changed since the world became more digital.

  • Until now, our online identities have been rooted in accounts
  • Account-based identities means there is always an intermediary in between our digital relationships

By moving to digital credentials verified on the blockchain, we can finally start proving our identity, attributes, or relationships without intermediaries.

  • Biometrics are a key part of a user’s decentralized identity
  • SSI enables effective user identification
  • Biometrics are only utilized with user consent
Future of Identity

Centralized Identity is Risky

A centralized approach to identity provides hackers with an irresistible honeypot. Add to that the ever changing provider terms of use along with government compliance issues, and it’s clear this method poses a lot of risk to individuals.

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Self-Sovereign Identity to the Rescue

With SSI, individuals own and control their credentials and decide when and who to share them with, avoiding repositories of personal information, which are ripe for hacking.

SSI Technology Stack

Verifiable Credentials
  • Verifiable credentials are digital credentials that are cryptographically secure, privacy respecting, tamper-evident, and machine-verifiable.
  • Credential holders collect verifiable credentials from different issuers into a single, verifiable artifact.
Decentralized Identifiers
  • Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) are a new type of identifier that enables verifiable, decentralized digital identity.
  • DIDs can be decoupled from centralized registries, identity providers, and certificates, as opposed to current federated identifiers.
Decentralized Key Management System

  • Decentralized key management leverages the security, immutability, availability, and resilience of the Blockchain for cryptographic key management. With DKMS, there is no central authority.
  • With a conventional public key infrastructure (PKI), the certificates are issued by centralized or federated certificate authorities.
  • In SSI, the trust comes from the the blockchain or distributed ledger supporting DIDs instead of a certificate authority.
Blockchain: The Missing Link
  • Immutable Database – Provides an immutable store of data, something required for SSI to function w/out centralized control
  • Consensus (generally for public chains):
    • Proof of Work – Money spent on electricity to successfully complete validation of a block (hash cash)
    • Proof of Stake – Money is put on the line and lost if there’s fraud or mistake in validation

Poised for Explosive Growth

Juniper Research predicts that blockchain-based identity will grow dramatically over the next four years.


Imageware’s Approach to SSI

Imageware brings biometric certainty to the SSI market. We are entering the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)/Blockchain Based Identity market as the only biometrically-enabled blockchain-based SSI solution provider.

SSI supports credential leveling, including:

  • Authentication Assurance Levels (AAL) 1, 2 & 3
  • Biometrics to protect your data
  • Affirmation/Metadata

SSI credentials can be used:

  • In person or online
  • For government, financial, or high trust applications (document verification markets)
  • For asset ownership, decentralized finance (DeFi), and crypto markets

Benefits of SSI

SSI provides a portable identity for life, which isn’t dependent upon any central authority or organization, and can never be revoked. Benefits include:

Self Sovereign Identity Use Cases

Automotive Authentication and Access
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Government ID Issuance and Verification
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Human Resources
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Purchasing and Leasing
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Recreation and Leisure
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Secure Facility or Venue Access
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Imageware is a Member of Several Standard Organizations to Drive Innovation

We’re a member of several organizations. Read below for details.


Imageware is a Member of Decentralized Identity Foundation "DIF"

DIF is an engineering-driven organization focused on developing the foundational elements necessary to establish an open ecosystem for decentralized identity and ensure interoperability between all participants. As a DIF member, Imageware is able to be a part of a working group that co-develops and co-designs the key elements and protocols of a decentralized interoperable identity stack made up of interchangeable parts.

trust over ip foundation

Imageware is a Member of Trust Over IP Foundation

The Trust over IP Foundation is an independent project hosted at Linux Foundation to enable the trustworthy exchange and verification of data between any two parties on the internet. The group’s goal is to provide a robust, common standard that gives people and businesses the confidence that data is coming from a trusted source, allowing them to connect, interact and innovate at a speed and scale not possible today. As a Trust over IP member, Imageware is able to collaborate with other organizations and governments around the world in advancing digital trust.


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